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Clearance between punch and die


Clearance is the difference between the space punch and die. X / 2 - half size of gap shown in Fig. 1.

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How to choose the punching tool

Punching tools can be different kinds and shapes: round, square, rectangular, oval and more complex. In order to choose the right punching tools you need to know:

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Sharpening of shear blade

Precise Power Group provides a service "sharpening of shear blade". Sharpening carried out on the territory of Belarus in Minsk.

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How to use punching tool

In order to get high-quality products, and maximal period of the breakdown of the punching tool need to follow the following requirements:

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Only a systemic approach can ensure quality.

CNC machines, modern tool design and enterprise management software, along with the constant search for the best materials and processing technology ensure benchmark quality.

Delivery times

Standard punches and dies (in round, oblong and rectangular shapes), blades for the most common applications in strip cutting machines, angle bar cutting machines and round bar cutting machines, and die cutters are always available in stock.

Non-standard tools, punches/dies and blades can usually be delivered within 3 weeks after the drawing is approved and the order is placed.

Delivery terms

Door-to-door delivery at your convenient time throughout Europe.

Shipment against prepayment for new customers. Special conditions for regular customers.

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