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Punches and Dies
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Stempel und Matrizen
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Precise Power Group is a large-scale manufacturer of punching tools:

- punches and dies for ironworkers;
- punch presses;
- automated lines for punching and cutting of sheet metal, profiled bars or strips;
- equipment for punching copper and aluminum busbars;
- rolling mills with punching;
- equipment under brands GEKA, FICEP, Voortman, Kaltenbach, Vernet-Behringer, Peddinghaus.


We are the largest specialized manufacturer of punches and dies in the EAEU.

Our punches and dies are produced from materials with the most appropriate technical and economic characteristics. Processing is done by automated means using CNC machines. Tools undergo volume hardening and may have finishes and coatings for better performance. Tools are available for different hole shapes (round, oblong, rectangular and irregular shapes).

Products of the most popular standard sizes are available in stock in sufficient quantities ready for shipment.

We can develop and manufacture customized punches and dies to fit your needs. The shape of cutting edges and the overall geometry are selected based on the intended use of a tool, as well as the basic material and finishing and coating operations. Bevels, chamfers, splines, centering pins and other detailed geometries are possible. As a result you can get a tool for making more holes per euro spent or punching holes requiring more capacity than your press can offer. The high quality of our punching tools (punches and dies) is confirmed by numerous commendations from our customers. Our punches and dies are used by large plants in regions from Portugal to Kazakhstan.

For your convenience, you can order tools by simply indicating the manufacturer’s catalogue number of your equipment. If you have a drawing, please attach.




Only a systemic approach can ensure quality.

CNC machines, modern tool design and enterprise management software, along with the constant search for the best materials and processing technology ensure benchmark quality.

Delivery times

Standard punches and dies (in round, oblong and rectangular shapes), blades for the most common applications in strip cutting machines, angle bar cutting machines and round bar cutting machines, and die cutters are always available in stock.

Non-standard tools, punches/dies and blades can usually be delivered within 3 weeks after the drawing is approved and the order is placed.

Delivery terms

Door-to-door delivery at your convenient time throughout Europe.

Shipment against prepayment for new customers. Special conditions for regular customers.

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