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Punching tools and
Industrial blades 

We produce punches and dies, as well as industrial blades for metal cutting applications in ironworkers, punch presses, guillotine sheet shears, automated lines for punching and cutting of sheet metal and profiled bars.

Our tooling is mostly used in GEKA, Ficep, Voortman, Vernet, Durma, Peddinghaus, Sahinler, HACO/Kingsland, Mubea.

About the Company

"Precise Power" UAB (Lithuania, EU) is member of Precise Power Group. Founded in 2008, Precise Power is the largest specialized manufacturer of punching and cutting tools for steel fabricators in Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. 

We deliver our products to customers allover the world directly or over local agents and distributors. You may have already used our product, since we also sell it to wholesale partners with no marking on request.

Most of standart punches, dies and cutting blades are ready for delivery next day after order since we keep essential amounts in stock.

We can also manufacture customized punching and cutting tools to your drawings or develop them according to your needs.

Consistently strong commitment to business development, focus on your tooling costs, and convenience of work with the supplier have all contributed to turning our brand featuring four rectangles into a trusted benchmark.

Contact us to place a trial order and test it yourself.


of punches and dies, industrial blades for ironworkers and lines

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